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Portable fishfinders buying guide – 2018


A.1 Deeper DP0H10S10-P


According to the portable fish finder reviews one of the most important aspects to consider is the transducer. This is what sends the sonar signal that detects objects underwater and displays the images on the screen. Transducers with a wider beam are able to provide you with more coverage underwater, but these fishfinders might not be able to go as deep as those with a narrower beam. There are also portable sonar fishfinders with dual beams/frequencies which can be used in deep and shallow water. You can also find higher priced models that come with multiple beams and 3D imaging capabilities so you can search a wider area underwater.



Once the sonar has picked up images you want to be able to clearly see what is lurking in the water and this means you want the display to come with plenty of pixels. While more pixels will increase the price of the fishfinder, it is well worth it when you know exactly what you are casting for. The size of the display should also be considered and a larger screen will give you a clearer picture. If you are working with a tight budget a black and white display can save you money, but it might be difficult to see clearly in low or bright light.


GPS capabilities

Some portable fishfinders come with gps capabilities and there are several reasons why this is a convenient feature to have. A portable GPS fishfinder combo will ensure that you never get lost on the water, and it has the added advantage of being able to help rescuers pinpoint your exact location in the event of an emergency. Fish finders with GPS capabilities are compact, easy to operate and typically less expensive than purchasing the two devices separately.


A GPS and fish finder combo will allow you to mark favorite spots so you can easily find them again at a later date. Some units will even let you tag and share the fishing hot spots with other anglers and give you access to the places others have marked. If you are fishing in unfamiliar waters a GPS fishfinder combo can also display current maps and charts so you can safely navigate your way through. While this feature does cost a little extra it is nice to have and can help keep you safe when you are out on the water.




Deeper Smart DP0H10S10-P


1.Deeper DP0H10S10-PConsidered one of the top rated portable fish finders in 2018 there is very little not to like about this model from Deeper. Just like the name implies it is designed to function in deeper water so you know exactly what you are casting for. This fish finder comes with a dual beam transducer that is capable of detecting objects in depths down to 130 feet, and it can also be used in shallow water. Now you don’t have to worry about snagging your line on underwater debris and losing your potential catch. The portable unit also boasts up to four hours of continuous battery life so you can easily scan several areas throughout the day.

What really sets this fish finder apart is its Bluetooth connectivity. Not only does this allow you to use the unit with your Apple and Android devices, it also comes with a convenient free app. The downloadable app allows you to share information and images with fellow anglers online, and it even includes convenient maps and a diary where you can keep track of vital information about your trip.



Venterior Portable Wired


2.Venterior PortableIf you are tired of getting your line caught on rocks and tangled in seaweed this might be the perfect fishfinder for you. The portable device is incredibly easy to use, and comes with all of the features you need to help make your fishing trip a success. The wired transducer is capable of detecting fish and obstacles in deep and shallow water thanks to the dual beams, and its sturdy construction can survive in temperatures that range from -4 degrees Fahrenheit up to a hot 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Capable of detecting objects at depths up to 100 meters you can rest assured that you will know exactly what is swimming around with this fish finder.

The black and white display is designed to be easy to read in almost any lighting, and it will clearly display the location of the fish and the depth of the water. It even comes with an audible alarm so you will know precisely when a fish swims within range. To help conserve battery power and save you money on replacements the fish finder will also power itself off after 5 minutes of inactivity.



Garmin Echo 150


3.Garmin Echo 150Often considered the best GPS fishfinder combo, you will love how easy and convenient it is to use. This portable fishfinder GPS combo comes with a dual beam transducer that is capable of detecting objects in deep and shallow water. While the transducer scans the bottom and surrounding water for fish and potential obstacles the small handheld display clearly translates the returning sonar into images that are easy to see. You will know the approximate location and size of the fish, along with how deep the water is.

The Garmin Echo is the best fishfinder GPS combo for beginners, and even experienced anglers appreciate how easy it is to use. Simply drop the transducer in the water and wait for the images to appear on the screen and soon you will know exactly where to drop your line in. The buttons allow you to scroll through the area,, and you will appreciate the easy to read 4 inch viewing screen. With Garmin’s tracking technology you can keep an eye on fast moving fish, and it will also alert you when one swims into view. It is also designed to be incredibly easy to mount on a boat or kayak, and everything you need is included in the box.


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