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A.1 Raymarine Dragonfly-4



The portable fish finder reviews agree that one of the most important aspects to consider is the transducer. This component is responsible for sending the sound waves in the water that transmit the images to the display. When you are looking at the transducer you want to pay particular attention to the width of the cone angle, and bigger is definitely better if you want to be able to see fish and other objects in the water. The only problem with a wide sonar beam is that it often lacks the strength to penetrate into deep water.

Some of the best portable fishfinders in 2018 come with dual beam transducers. This allows you to see around and beneath you so you have a clearer picture of what is in the water. Some models even come with multiple beams so you will be able to avoid all obstacles and find the best place to start fishing.



While all portable sonar fish finders come with a display, the quality of the picture and its size can vary. You do want to pay close attention to the number of pixels. It is often worth it to pay more for a fish finder with more pixels to ensure that you are able to clearly see the image displayed on the screen. The size of the display will also affect the picture’s clarity, along with how easy the fish finder is to carry. Most anglers recommend looking for a screen that is 6 inches or less if you want it to be easily portable. Color displays are slightly more expensive and are capable of showing more detail, but it is also possible to find black and white screens that are also easy to see in low and bright lighting.


GPS capabilities

Some fish finders come with GPS capabilities, and there are several reasons why this can be an advantage. Not only will a portable fish finder with GPS ensure that you can make it back to shore after a day spent on the water, it can also help rescuers track you in case of an emergency. A fishfinder GPS combo can even come with convenient charts and maps so you can easily and safely navigate in unfamiliar waters.


Other advantages to choosing a GPS fishfinder combo are the free downloadable apps. Most will let you mark favorite spots so you can easily find them later, and some fish finders will even let you share news and images from your trip with other anglers.



Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Review


1.Raymarine Dragonfly-4Often considered the best GPS fishfinder combo the Dragonfly-4 comes with all of the features you need to find the best place to toss in a line. It comes with a 4.3 inch LED display that is easy to read, while still being portable. The backlighting ensures that you can clearly see the images in low or bright sunlight, and its “all weather” construction allows you to use the fishfinder throughout the year.

The transducer features dual beam sonar, along with CHIRP technology. This ensures that the images received on the display are crisp and clear so you can easily identify fish and other objects in the water. You also have the advantage of the built in GPS, along with the maps of US rivers, lakes and coastal waterways. You can save sonar images with the SD card reader, and even transfer the data directly to your mobile device with the convenient app. This also lets you share images of the day’s trip with family and friends. Designed to be easy and convenient to use, it’s not hard to see why consumers often rate this is the best fishfinder GPS combo.



Humminbird Helix 5 Review


2.Humminbird 409610-1If you are looking for a portable GPS fishfinder combo for your next trip, you might want to consider the Helix 5 from Humminbird. While it is designed to help avid fishermen find the best spot to catch a bite, it is also incredibly easy for beginners to use. The controls are clearly labeled so you can scroll through the sonar images, and this also makes navigating through the menu quick and easy even when you are in a hurry.

The dual beam transducer is capable of capturing fish around and beneath the boat so you always know exactly what is in the water. What really sets this fish finder apart is its amazing GPS technology. It comes with base maps so you can get started, and the unit is also compatible with other Humminbird charts. You can plot your course before starting out and mark all of your favorite way spots. It also comes with some way spots preloaded so you can always find a great place to fish even if it is your first time out on the water.



Humminbird 409140-1 859ci Review


3.Humminbird 409140-1This GPS and fishfinder combo from Humminbird comes with everything you need to have a successful trip. The 7 inch full color display ensures that you can see every image, and you can even split the screen to show the contours on the lake or river bottom. With 4,000 watts of power you can easily pick up any fish and objects in the water around you, and you will also appreciate the dual sonar beam and down imaging capabilities.

While the fish finder is locating underwater debris and nearby fish, you can also plot a course or set markers at way points with the included GPS capabilities. The new and improved processor will quickly transfer the data, and pull up the best course for you to take to the next fishing spot. The included contour map makes it easy to avoid obstacles in the water, and it also helps you locate all of the places fish love to hide. The preset buttons make operating the fish finder easy even for beginners, and experienced anglers appreciate the added convenience. It also comes with a protective cover, along with a dual card reader.


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