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A.1 Humminbird ICE-35



The portable fish finder reviews state that one of the first aspects to consider is the type, and there are two to choose from. Some of the best fish finders for ice fishing use flash technology which displays what is in the water in real time. These models are accurate, reliable and typically easy to use. While these might be considered the best fishfinder for ice fishing you are limited since it is only designed to be used during the winter.

There are also portable sonar fish finders which display the information gathered below in a convenient graph. Many anglers find that the graph is easier to understand at a glance than the real time images produced by flash models. You can also find fish finders for ice fishing that come with both technologies which makes it even easier for you to find the best place to toss out a line. Fish finders with sonar and flash technology can also be used during the summer and winter.



Even though you are relatively stationary when you are ice fishing you still want to choose a fish finder that is lightweight and easily portable. The best portable fishfinders in 2018 come with small 6 inch displays that are also easy to see in low and bright light. Battery power is another concern when you are out on the ice. While you want the battery to be large enough to hold a charge for hours, you also want it to be lightweight and easy to carry. Some of the top rated manufacturers offer battery packs designed specifically for ice fishing that even come with a convenient case for easy carrying.



You will not be moving around a lot when you are ice fishing which means the sonar will need to be able to scan wider areas for you. While all portable fishfinders for ice fishing come with a sonar sensor, it is important to pay attention to the size of the cone and the angle of the beam. Portable fishfinders for ice fishing that come with a wide cone are capable of covering a larger area, which can be important if you want to know where to drill your next hole. An ice fishing depth finder is also important, especially if you want to know if you are letting enough line out.



Humminbird ICE-35 Review


1. Humminbird ICE-35Considered the best ice fishing flasher, you won’t have any problems finding out what is swimming in frozen waters. The Humminbird ice fishing flasher is designed to be simple to operate and the 3 color display is easy for even beginners to read. Its durable construction can withstand the rigors associated with ice fishing, and you will appreciate how easy it is to carry even when you are trudging through deep snow.

What sets the ICE-35 apart from other models is its convenient and innovative features. The three color display ensures that the graph is crisp and clear, and the device will find the bottom and automatically set the flasher scale so you instantly know the depth of the lake or pond. When you need to see images in more detail the zoom can be adjusted, and with the dual beam sonar you will be able to see everything in the area around you. This Humminbird fish finder also has a depth capacity of 200 feet so you can easily use it at all of your favorite winter spots.



Lowrance Elite 3X Review


2.Lowrance 000-11673-001Lowrance ice fishing gear is designed to impress even the most serious angler, and this is true of the Elite 3X. This portable model is designed to be used for warm and cold weather fishing, and will give you the same accurate and reliable performance regardless of the temperature outside. Its durable construction is designed to take a beating, while still being lightweight and easily portable. For added convenience it comes with a large protective pouch that can also hold extra hooks, lines and lures, along with the Lowrance fish finder.

One of the first aspects you’ll notice about the Elite 3X is its 3.5 inch full color display. The LED screen is easy to read in low or bright sunlight, and with 320 x 240P every image turns out sharp and clear. With a sonar frequency of 83Khz you can enjoy the advantage of having a wide cone, which ensures you can clearly see any fish or obstacle that might be in the area. The Elite 3X not only identifies fish and the contours along the lake or pond bottom, it will also let you know how hard it is. With two transducer mounts included for easy mounting, along with the convenient bag this fish finder might be just what you need on your next winter fishing trip.



Marcum Showdown Review


3.MarCum Showdown 5.6This slim and sleek fish finder comes with everything you need to be successful fishing in the winter, and it even includes a convenient “ice mode”. This allows the internal heater to warm the LCD so it can continue functioning even in freezing weather. There are also several other settings that allow you to make minute adjustments to ensure the fish finder is always providing you with an accurate and reliable performance.

The LCD screen has a sharp contrast so images appear clearer and more defined, and with 8,000 watts of power you will be able to easily scan the water around you. The transducer has a 20 degree angle so you know exactly what is underneath the ice, and with the ability to zoom up on a target you will easily be able to clearly see every detail. You will also appreciate its ability to block external interference. Proudly manufactured in the United States and backed by a one year limited warranty, this fish finder might be what you need the next time you go ice fishing.


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