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Portable sonar fish finders buying guide – 2018


People who invest in the best portable fish finder 2018 are the type who would rather not waste time going around in their boats trying to find the best spot to cast their lines just by relying on instinct alone. They want to be able to boast a great catch every time using the most advanced fish finding technology. The best fish finders come with exceptional elements that include the following.

A.1 Portable sonar fish finder

Dependable power

Ove vital factor in a fish hinder is the power of the device. Measured in watts, power quantifies the ability of the unit to display images at a faster rate and to deliver readings taken from deep down, not just at superficial, levels. Low wattage is what you can expect from slow devices, which are ideal for use in shallow water. High wattage units deliver deeper readings and faster image display, best for deep water fishing.

Low power comes with slower transmission of sonar waves and can just deliver fuzzy readings. Faster sonar wave signal transmission can be expected from devices with higher power.


Reliable frequency

The top rated fish finders are equipped with dual frequency transducers. The transducer is the primary unit in your fish finder. It is responsible for transmitting sonar wave signals to and receiving sonar waves from an object, which are then interpreted as the image you see on the screen. With dual frequency transducers, you have both 20 and 60 degree sonar cones. Most models come with 50, 83, 192 or 200 kHz frequencies, depending on the cone angle of the device.

High frequencies including 192 and 200 kHz work best in shallow water. A low 50 kHz frequency is preferred for deep water fishing. You can expect greater detail with high frequency transducers because a higher number of sonar waves are transmitted and then sent back to the primary component. Some high-end models even provide 400 kHz or more with multiple frequencies. These devices let you view more detail and also let you switch between frequencies to give you broad or general view along with a narrow view so you can have a greater variety of detail.

Screen type and resolution

You can choose either a black and white screen or a color one in your fish finder. You can enjoy a wealth of detail if you pick a color screen, since there is greater definition and differentiation in detail. If you compare this to perhaps even 256 shades in grayscale, it will make a lot of difference. Color screens let you see underwater objects, structure and fish in more vivid detail and also let you get effortless viewing in bright light compared to an ordinary black and white screen. However, a black and white screen means a more affordable device that can serve you well when you’re just exploring fish finders.

Another vital component in a fish finder is the resolution or simply the number of pixels delivered vertically and horizontally to define details and data. Of course, with a higher number of pixels, you can enjoy greater resolution and thus, more detail. The minimum resolution is 240 x 160, vertical by horizontal, in fish finders. This kind of resolution can deliver relatively blocky images. Those who want more detail should invest in a device with greater resolution.


Deeper Smart DP0H10S10-P

1.Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder
Engineered for kayak, boat and ice fishing and angling, the Deeper DP0H10S10-P is a highly portable sonar fish finder that comes with a smart wireless sonar that sync nicely with your portable device such as a smartphone or tablet. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, the sonar transmits sonar readings to the Deeper from as deep as 40 meters in both salt and fresh water. Lightweight at just 0.22 pound, the device is made smaller and lighter than any traditional sonar or flasher. Requiring no cellular data to operate the sonar, the Deeper can be used anytime and anywhere. It needs no complex wiring, installation and external batteries for setup and use.

The unique tennis ball size enables you to fish any time of the year. Compact and lightweight, this device is compatible with your iOS5+ and Android 2.3 smartphone and tablet models. The Deeper offers all-in-one application with the most revolutionary features and content such as a lunar calendar, up-to-date weather reports, an integrated map function, an integrated camera function, a fishing log and social media networks.



Signstek FF-003


2.Signstek FF-003Shipped to you with the fish finder, transducer, screw and manual, the Signstek FF-003 comes with everything you need to get started on an awesome angling experience. The FF-003 is a handheld fish finder that uses a sonar sensor to locate the fish for you, so you won’t waste time and effort going around the water in your boat. Perfect for fishing trips and family vacations, this fish finder can be used in rivers, lakes or oceans. It can detect schools of fish in any specific area. Equipped with advanced sonar technology, the device relies on generated sound waves to explore the bottom structure of the lake, river or ocean along with the water depth.

The FF-003 comes with auto zoom bottom tracking and quick manual zoom for easy detailed viewing. It also delivers either feet or meter readings from which you can choose your preferred setting. The dual beam sonar frequency allows you to switch between 200 kHz and 83 kHz for detecting underwater detail. The multi-language menu on the color screen display offers problem-free use in any location.



Fish Hunter PRO


3.FishHunter PROLetting you enjoy remarkable bottom detail viewing, the Fish Hunter PRO covers a depth of up to 150 feet plus jig tracking and ice fishing depth up to 100 feet. Trollable up to 2.5 MPH and cast either from the shore or boat, the device is a triple frequency wireless fish finder that delivers superbly high resolution and information along with fast and precise sonar wave transmission so you can analyze the bottom structure and find the fish easily. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery offers an extended battery life up to 10 hours so you won’t need to do frequent charging.

The surface reverb is eliminated to produce more easily readable bottom information in a clean water column. A disturbance detected in the water column by the sonar will cause a fish icon to appear on the screen, giving you the location of the disturbance in relation to the user’s own location, thus making it easy for you to identify where the fish are. The powerful triple frequency transducer lets you evaluate and interpret variously colored lines at the screen bottom so you can see structure and depth.


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