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Our review on Signstek FF-003

1.Signstek FF-003

The good

Its versatility and easy to use design makes this the best portable fish finder for kayak fishing.

You will appreciate the back lit LCD display that is easy to read in most lighting so you can use it on early morning tips when fish are often the most active.

The FF-003 is designed for accuracy and can be used in waters ranging from 2 feet deep down to depths of 240.


The bad

While some consumers have noted that the display is not always easy to mount, this is typically due to the design of the boat and not an issue with the product. This minor problem can usually be easily resolved simply by adding a supportive strap.



The verdict

If you are looking for a fish finder that is incredibly easy to use and versatile, you might want to consider the FF-003 from Signstek. It comes at an affordable price that is hard to beat, especially when you consider how accurate the fish finder is. It can be used for shore or pier fishing, and the transducer can also be towed behind a kayak. It should be mentioned that it is not designed to withstand the cold temperatures associated with ice fishing, nor is the sonar capable of keeping up in fast moving boats. With that being said, overall this is a great choice for beginners or experienced anglers on calmer waters.

2.Signstek FF-003

The small display is comfortable to hold in your hand, and it can be propped up for easy viewing when you are paddling. A strap can also be purchased to give it additional support when you are in a boat. The LCD display is backlit for easy viewing whether you are fishing in the early morning or in the bright afternoon sun, and you will appreciate how crisp and clear the images appear. Not only will it show the fish in the area, but also the depth and  bottom contours. This way you will know exactly where to cast, and if there is anything that could get in the way. The controls on the display are clearly labeled, and you can even zoom in and out on specific images.


One of the main advantages of this fish finder is its sonar technology, which is incredibly accurate in shallow and deep water. It has a minimum and maximum depth range of 2 to 240 feet, which allows you to use it in a variety of environments. It even comes with an audible alarm that will alert you if any fish are detected in depths down to 99 feet. This way you can still concentrate on paddling the boat without worrying about any fish that might get away. The dual beam sonar also gives you the benefit of crisp and clear images in deep and shallow water. It should be mentioned again that the transducer is not designed to function in extremely cold water, and should not be used for ice fishing.


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