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Our review on Marcum Showdown

2.MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System

The good

Every aspect of the Showdown is designed to be convenient and easy to use when you are out on the ice.

The uniquely designed LCD screen is easy to read, and you will love the fact that the receiver only comes with 7 buttons so operation is a breeze.

With 8,000 watts of power, adjustable depth range down to 240 feet and 25 sensitivity settings on the transducer you won’t have any problem seeing what is in the water from you hole or others nearby in the ice.


The bad

While the majority of consumers reviews all agree that this is a great fish finder for ice fishing, they also state that customer service is lacking in available support. Many recommended visiting the Marcum’s website if you have any questions regarding its use.



The verdict

Some fish finders state that they are designed for ice fishing only to find out later that they can’t handle the cold temperatures or don’t come with all of the features you need. That won’t be a problem with the Showdown from Marcum. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, even when you are traveling in a sled. It only weighs 9 pounds, and it also comes in a convenient waterproof case that will protect the sensitive electronics while making it easy to transport. You will also appreciate the flasher that is designed to be quiet so you don’t have to worry about the motor disturbing any fish underneath the ice.

3.MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System

One of the advantages of the Marcum Showdown is the bright LCD receiver which is designed to be read vertically. Not only does this mean that it matches the position of the water column so it is easier to read and understand, its slimmer size takes up less space than horizontal models. The screen will display crisp, clear images that are easy to see in almost any lighting, and you will love the advantage you get as you watch the gray color turn to black when fish approach your bait. The Showdown also does not come with a menu, only 7 buttons on the display so you can spend less time programming the unit. It also comes with a mode for the ice that turns  on a small heater to protect the LCD display from frigid temperatures down to -40 degrees.


You will appreciate having up to 8,000 watts of power when you need it, and the transducer can be adjusted to detect fish at ranges from 20 to 240 feet. This can be especially helpful when you are searching around different holes in the ice. There are 25 settings for sensitivity so you can eliminate false readings that might be coming from other units, along with any other interference that can occur when you are scanning beneath the ice. The Showdown will also allow you to zoom in on a particular section of the water column so you can improve your chances of getting a bite.


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