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Our review on Lowrance Mark-5x

1.1 Lowrance 000-10234-001


The good

This fish finder from Lowrance comes with dual beam sonar, along with DownScan imaging capabilities so you know exactly what is underneath the boat.

Everything you need to get started comes with the Mark-5x including a convenient suction cup mount for the transducer.

You will appreciate the large 5 inch screen, along with the clearly marked controls that make it easy to navigate through the menu.

It’s easy to use design makes this fish finder a great choice for beginners or experienced anglers who want to be able to concentrate on their line and not on the device.


The bad

It has been noted that this fish finder can withstand brief exposure to water, but it is not designed for use in the rain or other wet conditions. While this does not affect its performance, as long as it stays dry, it is something to consider.



The verdict

With a dual beam sonar that is capable of detecting fish at depths down to 200 feet and DownScan imaging there is very little the Mark-5x can’t sense in the water. It can even detect underwater objects at boat speeds up to 50 mph, though it is really only accurate around 8 mph or less. When you are in deeper water the sonar can be set to 455 kHz and easily switched to 800 kHz when you want to get a closer view of a potential target.

1.2 Lowrance 000-10234-001

The sonar images are transmitted to the 5 inch display on the receiver. The images are set to be easy to interpret so even first time users know exactly what they are looking at. Easily tell the difference between bait and game fish, and have a clear picture of the bottom. With the Mark-5x you will always know what you are casting for. The LED screen can also be adjusted for easy viewing in direct sunlight, and the keys are backlit so you can even use it in the dark.


Everything you need is included with this fish finder, including a convenient suction cup mount. This allows you to mount the transducer on the side of the boat quickly and easily. There is also a convenient carrying case that makes storage a breeze. The case can also be used to hold the receiver so you can still see the display and keep both hands on your rod. There is also a battery and convenient charger included so you can get started right out of the box.


There is very little not to like about this fish finder from Lowrance, especially if you are new to the sport. The backlit buttons are clearly marked so you can easily navigate through the menu and select the settings that best suit where you are fishing. The crisp sonar images are displayed in “photo style” so beginners know exactly what they are looking at. This is a feature even experienced anglers appreciate since it allows them to concentrate on their line and not on the display.


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