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Our review on Lowrance Elite-4

1.3 Lowrance 000-11821-001


The good

With CHIRP sonar and downscan capabilities you will be able to easily identify game and bait fish in deep and shallow water.

One of the reasons this is considered the best Lowrance portable fish finder is the color display that can be divided into three screens for optimal viewing.

The GPS capabilities ensures that you never get lost on the water, and the SD card slot is compatible with most map cards so you can easily navigate on unfamiliar lakes and rivers.

You will also appreciate how easy the menu is to navigate, especially when you are trying to concentrate on your line.


The bad

Some consumers have mentioned that the transducer can make a loud “clicking” noise which often startles any nearby fish away. In most cases this is due to a loose connection and not a problem with the unit’s performance abilities.



The verdict

If you are looking for a fish finder that works great in deep water, the Elite-4 from Lowrance might be the perfect unit for you. The dual beam sonar can detect targets in deep or shallow water, and the transducer can be used for ice fishing or trolling behind the boat. You also have the advantage of the CHIRP sonar which makes it easy for you to identify bait and game fish, along with the DownScan imaging so you have an accurate idea of what is underneath your boat.

1.1 Lowrance 000-11821-001

The 4.3 inch LED color display is backlit for easy viewing in bright sunlight. The color display can be easily split into three screens so you can see the chart, DownScan imaging and CHIRP sonar readings at the same time. With all of the information you need at your fingertips you will always know the best place to toss in your line. The display is also designed to be easy to operate, and the clearly marked buttons make it simple to navigate through the various settings.


What really sets this fish finder apart is its GPS capabilities. The 16 channel internal antenna is designed for accuracy so you always know where you are going, even on unfamiliar waters. You also have the option of adding an external antenna for a small fee. There is a waterproof slot for SD micro cards, and it is compatible with most popular map cards. The Elite-4 also comes with built in memory capabilities so you can store routes and waypoints you find along the way. No matter where you are fishing in North America the Elite-4 can help make it a successful trip.


There is a convenient case that makes it easy to take this fish finder with you, and it also helps to protect the receiver from water damage. There are zippered and mesh pockets on the side, along with two trays that are perfect for storing extra bait and lures. Versatile and easy to use, this fish finder from Lowrance might be just what you need for your next trip.


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