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Our review on Lowrance Elite 3X


1.Lowrance 000-11673-001 Elite-3X

The good

The Elite 3X comes with a durable construction and everything you need to fish in cold and warm weather.

You will appreciate the color screen on the receiver, along with its ability to display all of the information you need to know exactly where to place your line.

The sonar beam is capable of covering wider angles so you know what is in the water, and it will also detect the contours on the bottom, along with its hardness, structures and the temperature.


The bad

Even though the Elite 3X is designed to be used in all seasons it does not come with a flasher, which may make it unsuitable for all types of ice fishing. There have also been mentions about its ability to accurately read the water temperature, which can also affect its usefulness in cold water.



The verdict

Lowrance has made it easy for anglers to have a successful fishing trip no matter the season. The Elite 3X comes with a durable construction that can withstand the hot summer sun, and the freezing temperatures associated with ice fishing. Though it should be mentioned that this unit does not come with a flasher. Everything you need to detect fish and underwater obstacles is included with this convenient package, including a convenient case that makes it easy to pack with the rest of your gear. The receiver can be mounted inside the pack or on a small boat, and its compact size is also comfortable to hold in your hand. It also comes with clear plastic trays that are great for keeping bait and lures close at hand.

2.Lowrance 000-11673-001 Elite-3X

You will appreciate the 3.5 inch display on the receiver that is easy to read in almost any lighting, and with 320 x 240P it can even be seen when you are fishing in the dark. Not only will it display the depth and water temperature, but also any potential targets in the area. You will be able to see the bottom contours, along with any obstacles that might interfere with your line. It will also display any underwater structures that fish might like to hide in. With the ability to clearly see what is in the water around you almost every fishing trip will be one that you will be happy to brag about.


One of the main advantages of the Elite 3X is the 83 Khz sonar and 60 degrees of coverage. The wide cone angle is ideal for searching large areas, and is a great tool to have when you are ice fishing. With the wider cone arch you can even detect other nearby holes in the ice. The sonar beam will accurately display any fish in the area, and it can also provide you with water temperature readings. Another benefit is its ability to sense the hardness of the bottom, which could indicate areas where fish are hiding. Whether you are a warm weather or ice fisherman, the Elite 3X might be just what you need for your next trip.


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