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Our review on Humminbird ICE-35

1.Humminbird ICE-35

The good

You will appreciate its ability to set the flasher automatically so you don’t have to guess where the bottom is, even in frigid temperatures.

With the adjustable zoom you can see every detail in the water, and you also have the advantage of the dual beam sonar.

The ICE-35 comes with a three color display that is easy to read and operate so you can pay attention to your line and not the receiver.


The bad

The only real downside to this fish finder is its larger size. While this does make it easier to see the depth readings it can make it difficult to carry with the rest of your gear, especially if you are on a sled.



The verdict

It’s not hard to see why this is considered the best portable fish finder for ice fishing, especially after you use it. Humminbird has combined the flasher technology ice fishermen depend on, with several useful features that will dramatically improve your chances of having a successful fishing trip. It is capable of instantly locating the bottom of a lake or river, and it will automatically set the scale for the flasher so you don’t have to make any educated guesses. It also comes with a rugged construction that is designed to withstand freezing temperatures.

2.Humminbird ICE-35

When you are ice fishing it can be hard to see what is in the water, but that is not a problem for the ICE-35. It comes with an adjustable zoom that will bring small details into focus inside the water column. The dual beam sonar will detect fish and debris in deep and shallow water, and it can even display other holes in the ice around you. With a maximum depth capacity of 200 feet you can easily find any fish that might be in the area. Another advantage of the sonar is that it will also allow you to keep an eye on your jig, which will dramatically improve your chances of reeling in a fish.


Ice fishing requires a lot of concentration, which means that you don’t want to have to pay a lot of attention to your gear. Humminbird understands this which is why they designed the display to be easy to see and operate. The bright three color display can be easily seen from almost any angle, and it can also be read in low lighting. Some consumers have mentioned that there is an occasional glare in the sunlight, but this can be easily rectified by adjusting the position of the display. It will automatically set the flasher scale so you instantly know the depth of the fish, and it is incredibly easy to figure out how to read the display. It also comes with a battery and limited instructions so you can use this fish finder right out of the box.


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