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Our review on Humminbird 409140-1 859ci

3.Humminbird 409140-1 859ci HD

The good

Not only does the 859ci come with GPS mapping, but you also have the advantage of its Ethernet capabilities so you can save and share images.

You will love how easy it is to see the 7 inch color display, even in bright afternoon sunlight.

With dual sonar beam plus Downvision ensures that you are able to detect everything in the water around you.

The 859ci comes with everything you need so you can start using it right out of the box.


The bad

There have been mentions that the GPS on this fish finder is not always accurate and while this can be annoying it is usually due to it not being properly set, and is usually not a problem with its design.



The verdict

With the advantage of the built in GPS system not only will you always know where you are at on the water, you’ll find it much easier to get back to shore. You can also use the GPS to mark favorite fishing spots so you can go back at a later date. Mark areas to avoid, along with the best routes to take so you can spend more time fishing and less trying to get there. The 859ci also comes with Ethernet capabilities so you can share images online, and connect with other fishermen.

1.Humminbird 409140-1 859ci HD

The 859ci comes with a large 7 inch display that can be a little awkward to hold, but it is worth it when you see how crisp and clear the maps and sonar images are. The backlit LED display is easy to read in any light, including the bright afternoon sun that usually causes a distracting glare on other displays. It also comes with split screen functionality so you can compare sonar images with the GPS map, and mark each area accordingly. While the display is larger than many other portable fish finders, it should be noted that it only weighs a little over 7 pounds so it is still easy to carry with the rest of your gear.


Humminbird has made sure that you can detect almost anything in the water with the dual beam and Downvision sonar. With the dual beams you can easily see targets and objects in shallow and deep water. The wide angle also allows you to see in the cone, and with the down imaging sonar the images will appear in photo style on the color display. This makes it easier to see exactly what you are looking at, which is always an advantage whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler.


This portable fish finder comes with everything you need to get started, including a convenient carrying case for easy transporting. The case also helps to protect the sensitive electronics from water damage. The display comes with preset access buttons so it is easy to program, and the instructions can be found on the manufacturer’s website. You will also appreciate the dual card reader so you can save sonar images to review at a later date.


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