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Our review on Hawkeye FT1PX


1.2 HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax Portable Dot Matrix Fish Finder

The good

It comes with a versatile design, and is also easy to use so you can concentrate on fishing.

The display uses a dot matrix that ensures you can clearly see the sonar images in low or bright lighting.

The dual frequency sonar ensures that you can detect fish in deep and shallow water, and it also allows you to track on the bottom.

You will appreciate the included features that still allow this unit to come at an affordable price.


The bad

The only real downside to this fish finder from Hawkeye is that it doesn’t not come with a flasher for ice fishing. One can be ordered at an additional cost, but if you frequently fish in colder climates this is a factor that should be considered.



The verdict

While this may look like a basic fish finder, Hawkeye ensures that the FT1PX comes with all of the functions you need to have a successful fishing trip. One of the first aspects you’ll notice is its versatile design that allows you to mount it on a boat or kayak. It is also designed to be portable so you can use it from shore or anywhere else you like to fish.

1.3 HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax Portable Dot Matrix Fish Finder

Hawkeye also understands that you want to concentrate on casting, and not on operating the fish finder. That is why the FT1PX is designed to be easy for even beginners to operate. The handheld display comes with buttons clearly marked so you can easily navigate through the simple menu. The bright display is also designed to be easy to read in almost any light, and since it uses a dot matrix you will be able to clearly make out the sonar images. See the contours on the bottom, along with any holes or underwater structures where some fish like to hide. The small screen will also display any fish detected by the dual frequency sonar.


With two frequencies you can scan deep and shallow water for a variety of targets. It can also be adjusted for sensitivity so you can detect more fish in the sonar beam. The more fish that are detected the better your chances are of landing one worth bragging about. There is also a function that allows you to track potential targets along the bottom. The other advantage of the dual sonar frequencies is that you can easily set the fish finder to meet the needs of your environment.


To ensure you catch something when you are out the FT1PX also comes with several helpful and convenient functions. You can remove surface clutter from the display that can be confusing to see, and adjust the scroll speed and depth range. The contours and composition of the bottom are also displayed so you can locate holes where some species of fish like to hide. Knowing the contours of the bottom will also help you know where to place your next cast. Lightweight enough to mount on a kayak or comfortably hold in your hand and easy to use, you might want to consider taking the FT1PX with you on your next fishing trip.


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