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Our review on Garmin Echo 150

2.Garmin Echo 150 Portable Bundle

The good

It comes at an affordable price that is appealing to most anglers, along with everything you need to start using it right out of the box.

With 200 watts of power and dual sonar beams the Echo 150 can detect fish and underwater debris, along with the depth.

Since this portable fish finder is from Garmin you can take advantage of its tracking technology so you don’t lose a potential catch while you are trying to get a line in the water.

You will love how easy the Echo 150 is to use, and this also includes the installation.


The bad

Some consumers have noted that while the fish finder is relatively easy to use, the included directions are limited when it comes to explaining the settings. The fish icons will still appear on the display but it can be difficult to tell if they are underneath or around you if the device is not set properly. This issue can be easily resolved simply by checking the manufacturer’s website.



The verdict

If you are looking for an affordable fish finder that is easy to use and accurate you might want to consider the Echo 150 from Garmin. It comes with everything you need to get started, including a convenient case and transducer mount. The case is perfect for storage, and it will even keep the receiver safe and dry when you are out on the water. It also comes with mesh pockets for keeping small items conveniently close by.

1.Garmin Echo 150 Portable Bundle

One of the main benefits of this fish finder is its dual sonar beams. It boasts 200 watts of power so you can easily see depths down to 500 feet. The Echo 150 can also use a high or low frequency beam so you can see clearly in shallow and deep water so you can locate any fish in the area, along with any underwater obstacles that might get in your way. The sonar can also give you accurate readings when you are traveling at higher rates of speed.


The images are clearly displayed on the 4 inch viewing screen which is designed to be easy to read in low or bright lighting. You can keep it mounted in the protective case when you are in rough water or hold it in your hand when you are casting from shore. Once the fish has been detected you can take advantage of Garmin’s tracking technology. This makes it easier to see the targets so you know exactly where to toss in your line.


Every aspect of the Echo 150 is designed to be easy to operate so you can concentrate on fishing. The simple buttons on the receiver are clearly marked, and set up is a breeze. The fish finder comes with a suction cup mount that is perfect for boats, and it can even be used on small kayaks. This makes installation quick and easy since there aren’t any holes to drill.


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