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Our review on FishHunter PRO

1.1 FishHunter PRO


The good

Thanks to its powerful Wi-Fi capabilities it is able to detect and transmit signals faster and at a farther distance than fishfinders with Bluetooth technology.

It comes with a wireless design that allows you to use it on almost any fishing trip, and this also makes it easy to carry and take it around.

The PRO from FishHunter can transmit high resolution images that allow you to clearly see bottom contours, along with any prey that is swimming in the area.

You will appreciate the long lasting battery that can hold a charge for up to 10 hours, especially on all day fishing trips.


The bad

A few consumers have noted that problems with connectivity can occur. This usually only happens when you are casting in several locations and the range will improve once you have decided on one spot.

The reviews do state that this fishfinder can be attached to your pole, but due to its heavier weight this generally only recommended if you are using a deep sea or surf casting rod.



The verdict

It is easy to see why this is often considered the best portable sonar fish finder. It comes with Wi-Fi capabilities that are advertised as being up to 4 times faster than models that use Bluetooth technology so you don’t have to worry about missing  fast moving prey. It also has a range over 150 feet which allows you to search for fish farther away from the boat or shore.

1.2 FishHunter PRO

One of the biggest advantages of the PRO is its wireless design. Not only does this make the fishfinder easily portable, it also allows you to use it in a variety of scenarios. It can be tied to your rod for boat or shore fishing, and it is also able to accurately detect underwater objects at trolling speeds up to 2.5 mph. With depth capabilities down to 150 feet and jig tracking abilities to 100 feet you can even use the PRO for ice fishing.


The PRO uses three sonar frequencies to accurately detect fish and bottom structures and will display the data on your smartphone. You can choose to see the data in “raw view” which allows you to interpret the information in real time. Beginners and experienced anglers will appreciate the “fish view” function that simplifies the data so you know at a glance where weeds and underwater structures are, along with any fish in the area. When you are ice fishing you can also take advantage of the unique flasher that allows you to keep any eye on your jig, and it will even display depth and water temperature.


You will also appreciate the long lasting lithium polymer battery that is capable of holding a charge for up to ten hours. This ensures that this fishfinder will be able to last, even through an all day fishing trip. With the Pro from FishHunter even a novice angler will be able to come home with something to brag about.


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